DOCS Nigeria

DOCS callers have the unique advantage of being able to call from anywhere using a wireless or landline and need not be at a specific location to access the service. Patients can call-in to our Call Center, from the initial onset of their symptoms for earlier interventions and better outcomes. A team of doctors and allied health workers employing internationally adopted evidenced-based decision support protocol, backed by internationally acclaimed Consultant Physicians in Nigeria, USA and UK will follow clinical algorithms to consistently assess the urgency and severity of caller complaints.

The majority of calls will be concluded by a physician resulting in one of the following outcomes/classifications:
  • Critical Calls – with immediate identification of life threatening conditions, initiation of treatment and immediate dispatch of emergency response team
  • Emergency Calls – immediate telephone consultation and physician guided treatment and referral to the nearest medical facility for continuation of care
  • Urgent Calls – physician consultation and treatment recommendation over the phone for immediate care with referral to the nearest DNA Urgent Care facility, hospital or affiliated physician within the next 24 hours
  • Referral Calls – Telephone Consultation with treatment plan at the nearest DNA Urgent Care facility, hospital or affiliated physician within the next 72 hours
  • Home Care directed by a DOCS physician over the phone resulting in rapid resolution of medical complaint.

Members are able to contact the call center by using the phone numbers assigned to them, and identifying themselves as members in good standing. They will then be able to relay their medical concerns to the Call Center Agent. The member may then be forwarded to a Medical Doctor, who completes the call by making the necessary diagnosis or recommendations.

Non-members are able to access the service by either purchasing and utilizing a one-time use ePIN, or by calling a premium 900-number, on a cost per minute basis.